Matters of the Heart

In 2012 I relocated from the rural to the urban and I found myself living in the heart of London. I was suddenly immersed in a seemingly chaotic environment. To manage my newfound situation and because of my location I was able to explore by walking.

This gave me an intimate view of the workings of London and the realisation that there is order amongst chaos. The oil drums became regular features of my explorations and I found they became a symbol of the city. At once aesthetically pleasing but also problematic. It reminds us of what we are eating, wasting, consuming, the fast pace and the relentlessness of the city. Once they are removed they are replaced with more.

They take on a rhythm and a pattern, appearing, disappearing and reappearing.

By taking these familiar and yet overlooked objects and transforming them into individual items of curiosity, Matter of The Heart asks the viewer to rest for a while to look, observe and consider the city on a deeper level. Showing the hidden systems, patterns and rhythms that connect us together, a constant heartbeat, keeping the city and us alive.