Expressions of Research

Based on leading research conducted at the University of Bath, the Expressions of Research project marks a collaboration between five artists with five University of Bath research centres throughout 2016, resulting in five original art works.

The project seeks to engage the public in scientific research, via the arts. presenting it  in a playful, thoughtful, approachable way.


Lakefest Gloucester

Awarded a commission to work in partnership with artist Hollly Owen to create outdoor art for the Lakefest 2016 family fun music festival. Using a variety of materials, creating interactive installations.


Fringe Arts Bath

Fringe Arts Bath Visual Arts Festival 2016


Pattern: Found, Exchanged, Unravel

'Traditionally pattern means decoration; marks, lines, dashes and dots. Day to day you find patterns by chance, in behaviours: breaths, wakeup times or work routes. Patten can also be a set of instructions to follow. With each artwork we explore how patterns are made, found and pulled apart'

My work   Dichotomy (set 2) exhibited as part of this exhibition.